Mission Statement

                          Building on our Community’s STRENGTHS”

The East African Community and Cultural Center (EACCC) is a self sustaining Non-Profit Organization that serves the East African Community of greater San Diego metropolitan.
The goal of the EACCC is to help improve the lives of its citizens, especially new immigrants and refugees so that their integration into the greater American society becomes as seamless as possible. Other major issues that the EACCC is tackling are:

  • Counseling and crime prevention educations for both youths and parents. There has been a noted gap between immigrant parents and their American born children on social issues, and the EACCC is trying to address this issue by initiating educational seminars for both parties.
  • Elimination or reduction of juvenile delinquency using all available tools such after-school programs, educational programs or sporting events
  • Promotion of cultural and civic events so that the community can participate in the democratic system and become better citizens

Vision Statement:

The East African Community and Cultural Center (EACCC) envision a society that is productive, engaged and integrated within the greater American societies, and passes high moral values and citizenship to next generations.